Who We Work For

We offer our services to companies that want to improve their teams while also continuing to work with the people who bring them the most value.

In particular, we work for organizations that develop projects across the whole value chain of renewable energy projects, whether they are engineering firms and installers, producers or distributors, both in Spain and globally.

We find and identify talent to launch projects in the main areas where talented professionals are required:

Project development: We find professionals with experience in developing power generation projects from any renewable energy source.

Professionals with experience of working in the Greenfield and ready-to-build phases, offering solutions in the area of permitting (paperwork and obtaining permits and licenses), identifying suitable land, environmental impact assessments, connection point management, etc.

Project construction and structured finance: Finding professionals with experience in complete construction, from the start of the process to making the infrastructure available, including the design and engineering phases, procurement and logistics and assembly and installation.

Finding professionals who specialize in the financing and investment phases, finance structuring projects and project finance.

O&M: Finding professionals with experience in operations and maintenance, whether predictive, preventive or corrective.

Asset management: Finding professionals who focus on increasing the long-term return on assets through a comprehensive market analysis and cost control. Professionals with experience in the legal, technical, financial, environmental and social departments.

Legal, marketing, accounting, document management, etc.: Finding general professionals who have focused their professional development on careers in renewable energy companies.