From the moment we give the green light to begin the Personnel Recruitment Process, the ABCON team launches the 2.0 Recruitment Plan.


1. Structural Mapping

2. Recruitment Strategy 2.0

3. Selection Process

4. Nomination

5. Client Evaluation

6. Candidate Incorporation & Follow-Up


Lets us develop each step of the process:

1. Structural Mapping:

Meet with the client. We establish the fundamental characteristics and priorities that the ideal candidate should have. We define the mission and values of the company, along with the professional and personal profile that best fit with the organization.

2. Recruitment Strategy 2.0

We start our Internal Management Protocol, by focusing on the efforts of our Advisors in 2 Action Plans:

– Assess the availability and affinity of the members of our candidate database,

– Utilizing Social Media Generalists, Professional, Vertical or specialized Microblogging Networks and other 2.0 applications and platforms.

We emphasize each of these tools to the selection and attraction of talent that the organization plans to incorporate.

We have an in depth knowledge of the different types of contact strategies and presentation of the project according to each position. While also locating the candidates who are interested in fulfilling our mission in the shortest amount of time possible.

3. Selection Process

Once we have made our selection using a variety of filters, the first interviews take place in our offices and/or video conferences with the candidates whose profiles have the majority of affinities with the goals that we want to achieve.

4. Nomination

Three final candidates are nominated at this stage. Their nominations are then presented to the client through a Report prepared by the Consu

ltant, which includes a CV and an individual assessment for each one of the candidates.

5. Assessment by the client

Following an assessment of the final candidates, the client becomes part of the selection team and directly interviews the final candidates who have been presented to them. For that purpose, the client is able to receive support and advice from the Selection Process Manager, to answer any questions or confirm any impressions that they may have.

6. Candidate Incorporation & Follow-Up
Once the client company decides to incorporate the final candidate, ABCON still remains involved in the selection process and actively monitors and focuses on both the company and the new employee. Once satisfaction is validated by both parties, the selection process is successfully covered.