ABCON develops professional profile recruitment projects and provides comprehensive advice for companies from the energy sector. In recent years, we have focused primarily on businesses that specialize in renewable energies.

ABCON offers solutions for the current conditions in which companies have to operate if they want to be competitive and strengthen their position in their niche markets.

Managing human resources is a key component when it comes to meeting the objectives set by companies. Organizations are formed through the efficient allocation of human and financial resources, so the interaction between each member of a company’s different departments will be largely responsible for achieving the success pursued by every company.

We are aware of how important it is for companies to recruit the right people in their professional teams, whatever the department.

In ABCON we analyze each requirement and become fully involved in finding the candidate who is the best fit for the company’s culture and working philosophy.

Thanks to our knowledge of current practices in staff selection, we provide companies with the necessary conditions to get the right design, balance and members of staff. We have in-depth knowledge of professional networks which we can use to our advantage (networking) and we offer the most suitable professionals who are able to provide the best results according to the need being covered.