ABCON Executive Search & Recruitment 2.0

ABCON is a HR service company specialized in Middle and Executive Management Recruitment on a national and international level through the development of 2.0 Recruitment Strategies, detecting and recruiting talent through social networks (Generalists and Professionals).

We specialize in:

-Executive Search- Recruitment of Middle Managers and Executives nationwide, designing and implementing 2.0 Recruitment Strategies:

Using Social Media Generalists, Professionals, Specialists, Microblogging Networks, and 2.0 Applications and Platforms.

-International Executive Search: Executive Search & Recruitment for Spanish companies with expansion projects in Latin America.

We offer recruitment solutions for companies that invest in new markets and choose to trust the internationalization of their companies to professional Spanish organizations. That’s where our service and collaboration comes in, as we take care of managing the recruitment and resolving any bureaucratic and labor issues of the destination countries.

For Germany we recruit technical profiles for companies from different industrial sectors, with special consideration to the automotive sector being one of the sector’s strategic countries worldwide.