ABCON Executive Search & Recruitment 2.0

ABCON is a company that specializes in finding and selecting qualified staff for businesses in the renewable energies sector (solar, wind and biomass).

We recruit and recommend candidates for all of the company’s functional areas and departments (development-permitting-due diligence, procurement, construction, O&M, legal, project finance, etc.), asset management profiles and, in particular, those roles which, due to their strategic position in the company’s organizational structure, require headhunting to attract professionals who, until now, have not considered a career change.

We develop recruitment strategies 2.0, identifying and selecting talent through social media (general and professional).


Germán Sagardoy

Degree in Business Administration and Management (URV)

Headhunter and Director at ABCON Executive Search since 2012.

Over 10 years of experience in search and selection services for middle managers and executives for companies in the renewables sector, identifying and attracting talent by developing recruitment strategies 2.0.

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